Voluminous Policies 

  1. Any arrivals 10 minutes past the scheduled commencement of appointment time are subject to a shortened treatment time or possible reschedule of your appointment. Only two late/no show appointments are allowed in one calendar year. Please respect our time as we respect yours.

  2. Parking in Downtown Los Gatos can be tricky so please allow extra time in particular around lunch time and after working hours. There are several parking lots available.

  3. Deposits for permanent cosmetic treatments are required upon consultation in order to reserve your time for the full treatment. No exceptions.

  4. Touch-ups for permanent cosmetics are available within 4-6 weeks after the initial full application without charge. This offer is not available after the 6 week window and not before 4 weeks. This touch-up appointment is highly recommended for best results.

Maintenance pricing for brows:

$125 within 6 months
$175 within 9 months
$200 within 12 months
$300 within 18 months
Note: Beyond 2 years requires a full priced full application

We do our best to correct improper application of previous permanent cosmetics however there are some cases that we will need to refer out for removal treatments prior to our application.